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Fujiya Iron Works Co., Ltd.

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 Fujiya Iron Works Co., Ltd.
 Head Office
  3-3-4-14 Tonden,
  Kita-ku, Sapporo
  Tel.: +81-11-771-5077
 Ishikari Plant
  3-748 Shinkonishi,
  Tel.: +81-133-73-9571
  Fax: +81-133-73-9563
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Message Representative Director Yuichi Matsumiya
Fujiya Iron Works Co., Ltd. was founded in Naebo in 1955 and was later moved to Hassamu.@It currently runs a plant in the Ishikari Bay New Port Area in its role as a total manufacturer with more than 50 years of skills and experience, and specializes in large-plate work.
In todayfs world, barriers between countries/regions are being eliminated in terms of product quality and cost.@Against this global background, we cherish the customer-first philosophy we have inherited from those before us, and push forward with the development and handing down of technology/human resources under the new administration.
Although our products are already recognized by many customers from Hokkaido and elsewhere, both in Japan and overseas, we still strive to expand our sales with the aim of providing satisfaction to even more customers.
We also try to develop new products/technologies by taking advantage of the companyfs design section the basis of our manufacturing activities.
We uphold our firm business philosophy while maintaining the flexibility required to respond to todayfs rapidly changing world, and make tireless efforts to become a leading Hokkaido company.
Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

Yuichi Matsumiya
President/Representative Director
Yuichi Matsumiya

|@Basic policies@|
@ 1. Uphold a customer-first philosophy
@ 2. Make creative efforts toward cost reduction
@ 3. Add new value to output in order to provide attractive products to markets
@ 4. Contribute to society through prosperity with staff who can achieve self-realization through work

Basic policies

Fujiya Iron Works plays a part in the value chain through its high-quality,
high-value-added low-cost products.

In an increasingly globalized world, Japanese industries today stand at a major crossroads.
To survive the rigors of international competition, all companies must build systems to deal with competition.
In order to help customers to strengthen their competitiveness, we aim to offer maximum benefits to consumers in our role as a company playing a part in the value chain by pursuing high-quality, high-value-added low-cost products through our cutting-edge manufacturing.