Fujiya Iron Construction Co., Ltd.

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Fujiya Iron Construction Co., Ltd.

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 Fujiya Iron Construction
           Co., Ltd.

  3-3-4-14 Tonden, Kita-ku,
 Tel.: +81-11-771-1751
 Fax: +81-11-771-1732




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〜 Company history 〜

 Fujiya Iron Construction Co., Ltd. was established on November 2, 1976, with capital of 10 million yen as a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujiya Iron Works Co., Ltd. after the latter’s gas piping section was spun off.
In conjunction with the development of Sapporo City, we have worked on city gas fitting, and now receive contracts from Kitagas Kensetsu Co., Ltd. and Each kitagas fureast company for Hokkaido Gas Co., Ltd. and Kitagas Genex Corporation. We also undertake piping/equipment work for Kitagas Related companies.
To help address today’s environmental problems, we quickly began sales of Eco Jozu, an ecologically friendly product of Kita Gas Geeplex Co., Ltd. We handle the entire process from receipt of orders to design, work management and installation work, and receive support from a variety of companies in the industry.
Our work involves pipe fitting in various settings including outdoor main/branch pipe sites, condominiums and other reinforced concrete buildings, as well as conventional homes built by housing manufacturers. In recent years, we have also performed installation of HVAC equipment and air supply/exhaust systems in addition to various types of maintenance and security work.
In my role as company president, I strive, along with the other board members and all employees, to improve the quality and safety of the work we perform to ever-higher levels. We also promote research and development in the field.
We are confident of the significant contribution the organization can make to the prosperity of the local community with the help of our group and affiliate companies.
                                                 April 2012
                                                 Fumio Hosokawa

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